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First Data FD 35 PIN Pad EMV / NFC

$675.00 $495.00

The First Data FD35 Pin Pad is not just any simple PIN pad machine. This encrypted pinpad actually allows your customers to select their payment method directly from the pinpad. This highly secured, consumer-facing First Data Pin pad device allows you to accept PIN-based debit transactions, signature debit transactions and all major credit card swiped payments (traditional magnetic stripe cards). The FD-35 Pin Pad also allows you to accept the new micro chip-embedded PIN cards (aka EMV), Tap and Go credit & debit cards (aka Contactless cards), STAR network transactions, Gift Cards and EBT Cards….


FD35 PIN Pad First Data

Additionally, the FD35 Pin Pad machine is NFC enabled for smart phones which means it has the ability of your customers to pay using their Apple Iphone, Android, and Windows Phone. Merchants also have the ability to drive loyalty and repeat business by generating and redeeming special offers via consumers mobile phones or key fobs….Bottomline, if technology evolves, so should your business.

First Data FD 35 PIN Pad is a consumer-facing EMV pin pad device which is designed for speed, security and convenience. It meets all current and future compliance requirements. The FD35 pinpad from First Data is a simple to use credit card pin pad machine that includes several features such as a visual display prompts, an ergonomic keypad and lights and audio cues, that simplify the payment processing experience.

Without any doubt, the First Data FD 35 PIN Pad is the ideal payment solution for all types of businesses who need to process a high volume of small-ticket transactions and those wanting to support evolving payment technologies such as Apple Pay.

FD-35 Pin Pad Features:

– Very Fast checkout time
— Preferred payment method can be selected by customers at time of check so they can swipe their own cards
– Easy to use, large touch screen
– First Data Pin Pad has dedicated function keys
– Flexibility and Programable buttons (eg.,..debit/credit/ebt)

The FD35 is ideal for these industries :

Store Front
Retail Store
Bakery / Coffee Shop
Full Service and Quick-Service Restaurants
Law Office
Medical Center
Pharmacy / Drug Store
Convenience Store
Hair / Barber Shop
Beauty Salon
Health Spa / Gym
Grocery Store
Liquor Store
Bar / lounge
Gas Station
clothing store
Auto repair shop
…and may more

Note: This First Data FD 35 PIN Pad has a hard-wired USB cable.

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