B2B Credit Card Processing (Business to Business)


Businesses that sell to other businesses or frequently accept corporate, business and purchasing credit card payments can take advantage of our B2B Credit Card Processing Solutions. This normally would include wholesale distributors, manufacturers and suppliers.

Our B2B Merchant Processing Services offer the ability to provide business and government customers with convenient and secure methods of accepting corporate, government and purchasing, credit card payments. Now you can process B2B credit cards and provide your business or government customers with a variety of B2B CreditCard Processing solutions at the lowest rates.

Does your business sell products or services to other businesses ? Sending paper invoices to your business customers and waiting months to get paid is a thing of the past. Paymentix makes it super easy for your business to get paid by your government or corporate customers. You simply obtain your customer’s bank card info, enter the data into your web-based payment gateway system, and your payment will immediately get approved and processed through our secure network within seconds. Thus your funds will be available within 24 hours in your biz bank account. Never ever worry about sending out invoices, opening letters or running to the banks to deposit paper checks received from your customers. Less time and lower costs, equals higher revenue ! Choose our B2B credit card processing system today and we will provide you with our free payment gateway software to help your business begin processing B2B payments with us right away….plus ! …and it can all be done with your existing computer.


Our Business to Business Card Processing options has helped many low and high volume merchants, wholesalers, Associations and many other business-to-business type industries. So call us today and get start taking B2B payments.

Paymentix offers several business-to-business payment solutions to help large and small companies with their B2B payment processing needs. But not all B2B Merchant Processing solutions are created equal. Some B2B Merchant Accounts are more complex to get setup than others. In fact, Business to Business Payment Processing could have a negative impact on the businesses credit card processing fees if it is set up incorrectly by your the payment processing company. Plus, a poorly setup B2B Merchant Account can result in transaction approvals becoming much slower and may also delay the merchants bank funds transfers. Whats worst !….High processing fees could possibly be applied because the processing company may classify it as a “high risk merchant account.” Therefore, a good detail is required by the Merchant Account Processor to properly configure an appropriate Business to Business Merchant Account. Otherwise, the merchant may end up paying twice as much in their monthly credit card processing costs. Our professional, knowledgeable and efficient risk management and underwriting department always makes sure that all B2B merchant accounts set-up are configured properly with regard to rate program, card types accepted, merchant information, monthly volumes, transaction sizes, etc,..


Want to accept B2B credit cards without the high fees ? Want to streamline your day-to-day operations ? Whether you are a low or high ticket merchant, a start-up or an existing business, we are the best B2B payment processors to call ! Whether you collect payments with a recurring billing model, by invoicing your clients, or a one-time transaction, our B2B payment processing can help you. Paymentix can design custom payment processing solutions for B2B businesses of all types. Contact us today and get the latest payment solutions for B2B merchants, top of the line B2B POS systems, B2B credit card terminals and lowest rates for B2B Merchant Processing. Our B2B Merchant Services will help keep your loyal customers happy and help you stay on top of the latest news, point-of-sale and trends related to B2B card processing.

See How Much Our “Level 3 Payment Processing” Can Save You When You Switch To Paymentix


Below are some of the most important features of Business to Business Credit Card Processing.


  • Free Payment Gateway Setup
  • Free EMV Credit Card Terminal
  • Free Mobile Card Reader
  • Free Online Reporting Tool
  • Free Plugin for Intuit Quickbooks
  • Easily accept Level 2 and Level 3 card payments from your B2B customers.
  • Our B2B payment gateway can effortlessly integrate with your current accounting software.
  • Reduce your b2b credit card processing fees by up to 60% each month with our Interchange / Cost-Plus Pricing program.
  • Level 3 Card Processing provides detailed transaction reports to decrease time spent on reconciliation by your business and your customers business.
  • B2B Merchant Accounts are secured with PCI certified solutions to protect your customer’s sensitive payment data
  • You can serve a large number of B2B customers, such as government agencies, utilities, associations, property managers and more.

Get Hassle-free B2B payment acceptance without the high fees charged by most payment processing companies.

Business Payment Processing, corporate payment processing and consumer credit card processing are not all the same. This is simply because Level 2 and Level 3 processing requires B2B merchants to include additional information on every credit card transaction that they process. Furthermore, Level 3 credit card processing requires detailed, line item data on every single transaction. This type of data will appear in the cardholders reports. In this case, the credit card companies will consider the transaction to be less risky because additional data was supplied at the time of the transaction. As a result, the additional info provided at the time of the card transaction, will result in lower interchange fees charged by the credit card companies. Bottom line, if you want to reduce payment processing fees, it is imperative to accept Level 2 payments and / or accept Level 3 payments.  Contact our offices today and we will structure a customized B2B merchant account for accepting business, purchasing, government and corporate card transactions. We have the industries best payment gateway software to accept Level 2 and 3 payments.


Commercial credit card transactions are categorized into 3 different interchange programs:  Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 credit card processing. Level 3, offers the lowest interchange rate most of the times because more payment related data has to be entered regarding the consumer making the purchase. Therefore, every time a commercial credit card transaction is qualified as a Level 3 Merchant Account, you will save a minimum of 1% on the current interchange rate.

Our customized Level 3 merchant processing and online B2B payment system makes Level 3 Processing easier than you would expect. Your business can now take advantage of the additional savings that Level 3 Merchant Processing will provide.

Never put your customers credit card data at risk..Our PCI compliant B2B Merchant Services will protect your business and your customer by keeping their sensitive credit card data totally secure. Extremely high levels of security are always enforced to minimize the risks of credit card fraud on all our B2B Merchant Solutions. Additionally, all standards are met related to PCI DSS and we provide all the PCI-compliant security features, such as: point-to-point encryption …(this encrypts the card numbers at every point of the transaction, while address verification systems (AVS) helps verify the card owners real identity.

Why Choose Our B2B Merchant Services ?
Our Business-to-Business credit card processing solutions allow merchants to offer low cost credit card processing for B2B merchants at the point of sale.

We always offer low Level 3 payment processing rates and free gate way program for all merchants who qualify for our B2b merchant account services. Stop overpaying on your current business to business merchant account and reach out to us. We guarantee to save you between 20% and 80%.

Contact our local Merchant Account Processors first for advise from our experts. They will provide more information on how you can switch merchant accounts, buy terminals or for information about B2B Credit Card Processing.



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