Ecommerce Credit Card Processing is great for merchants who will need to process most sales transactions online or on their company website. This type of Ecommerce Merchant Account is often known in the industry as a Website Merchant Account, Internet Merchant Account, Web Merchant Account or Card Not Present Merchant Account. Ecommerce Payment Processing is commonly used in the online industry by businesses that typically need to to sell products online…Many service-based businesses that also need to charge clients on the web may also find the need to open an online Merchant Account to take payments online when the client is not present. Since the customers credit card is NOT present at the time of the sale, there is much higher risk of the sale turning out to be fraudulent. As a result of this transaction being riskier, this internet payment processing transaction type offers retail merchants the highest Online Merchant Account rates available. Therefore, the entire sale transaction will take place online and the credit card information can only be entered by the consumer directly on the merchants website. With an Ecommerce Merchant Account, merchants can accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Can your clients securely and conveniently shop for your products or services online ? Ecommerce Credit Card Processing is the solution you need to sell all your products on your website. With Ecommerce Payment Processing, you can stop loosing out on significant sales revenue. In this modern digital age, consumers expect to have the convenience of buying products online. Our Ecommerce Merchant Accounts will help you offer an easy and secure online shopping experience for your customers.


Our company can provide the best eCommerce credit card processing solutions available on the web. Now any client that wishes to increase sales on the internet can accept credit cards online easily with a secure eCommerce payment gateway. Take all major debit cards, credit cards, and ACH payments on your web site and make shopping online easier for your prospective clients. Online web transactions are very secure and we offer low rates for online credit card processing. Setting up your Ecommerce Payment gateway account is quick and simple, so you can start processing online payments fast and boost your cash flow. We can will personally customize eCommerce credit card processing solutions that meet the requirements of your web based business.

The Best eCommerce Credit Card Processing Solutions
We help all merchants with secure, safe eCommerce credit card processing and payment gateways customized to handle all of your electronic payments in a cost effective and reliable manner.
Today, there are a number of virtual payment gateways and online payment processing companies. However, finding the best Internet Payment Processor to suite all of your Ecomerce needs is not an easy task. If you need to setup an online store that will require processing website credit cards; we have the best solution for you because our platform is compatible with all kinds of online store software that merchants use today such as, payeezy, woocomerce, shopify and many others.

Contact us today and your company will benefit from our extensive selection of small business merchant payment processing options, resources and payment gateways systems.

Are you looking for the best e-commerce merchant service providers when it comes to savings, reliability and security of your Ecommerce Credit Card Processing needs ? Then, switch to Paymentix and get the lowest payment processing rates and quality customer service available at your new or existing business venture.

Ecommerce Payment Processing Solutions for Online Businesses

Every Ecommerce merchant account includes the following features.

  • “FREE” Credit Card Payment Gateway
  • “FREE” shopping cart integrated into website with secure hosted payment forms
  • Advanced fraud monitoring with customizable parameters
  • High speed and secure creditcard processing
  • ACH processing services
  • Online Remote Accessibility through Web Management Portal
  • User friendly Payment Processing Interface
  • High Security with our PCI-compliant e-commerce payment processing solutions
  • 24 Hour ecommerce merchant service support
  • Online shopping solutions to help you increase sales


Our Ecommerce Merchant Processing experts will quickly explain how to set up ecommerce merchant account so that you can process credit cards online with the best rates for internet payment processing, easy checkout and varied payment options. We also offer affordable website design and development for those merchants who do not currently have a website for their business. Most importantly, our local Payment Processing company will help you to start processing online credit cards at the lowest rates guaranteed and will make sure you accept credit cards online securely with our PCI-compliant internet payment solutions.

Contact us today and we will instruct you on how to connect your own eCommerce merchant accounts with major online shopping carts. We also offer secure hosted payment forms to replace existing website shopping carts. Expand your sales on-line today, Paymentix is your ideal partner that can help your business grow with the best eCommerce credit card processing solutions.

Why choose our Online Credit Card Processing Platform:
We offer robust credit card processing services using modern, advanced, and comprehensive e-commerce solutions that are built on a scalable technology platform; which empowers merchants to provide an efficient and a fast online payment process.



We understand that security is one of the greatest issues that merchants deal whenever they have a merchant account online. For that reason…our Ecommerce Merchant Account is built with highest security for online credit card transactions. Our ecommerce processing platform uses modern data encryption technology to protect customers’ information when making payments through the internet with credit card or debit cards.

Our PCI compliant Credit Card Processing for Ecommerce Business will protect your company and your customers by keeping their web credit card data completely secure. We enforce extremely high levels of security to reduce online credit card fraud risks on all our Ecommerce Merchant Solutions. Additionally, we meet all standards related to PCI DSS and offer all the PCI-compliant security features, including: point-to-point encryption (Also known as: P2PE)… (this encrypts online credit card numbers at every point of the transaction, while address verification systems (AVS) help verify the true identity of the card owner.

We invite all merchants who need to take online business to a whole new level with our Ecommerce credit card processing services to call us today. Our outstanding features will allow for low cost online transaction processing that no other ecommerce payment processing company can beat. Whether you are a small or big entrepreneur, you will have your online web store setup for safer transaction both locally and globally.



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