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Clover® Mini 3G Wifi POS System

$965.00 $882.41


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The Clover™ Mini 3G and wifi POS is an all-in-one Point of Sale Solution with an advanced credit card processing technology, sleek robust design, plus custom software filled with business related applications that help you increase performance and revenue. The Clover Mini Wifi 3G POS can help you manage your retail business like you have always wanted with hundreds of free and paid POS apps from the Clover POS App market. Designed with your convenience in mind, the Clover Mini wifi 3G is a very advanced Countertop tablet POS with WiFi and 3G / 4G (HSPA+) connectivity.


The New Clover Mini 3G POS is a state-of-the-art Point of Sale Terminal perfect for small and large retail business. A wide array of credit card payment processing solutions, transaction security and superior wireless connectivity make the Clover 3G Mini the most advanced POS system available today.

The Clover Mini 3G features a large touch screen, and an intuitive interface that gives you total flexibility without the headaches of a big business system. This simple to use and affordable POS System offers state of the art software and security so you can have the the right tools necessary to run your business. Give your customers the convenience of paying with multiple payment types, while protecting your information aswell as your clients.

Clover Mini Wifi 3G operates on a secure web-based software that allows you to securely access your business information from anywhere 24 hours a day via a mobile phone, PC or Tablet Ipad computer. Now you can make all your transactions easier than ever while using the best wifi counter top POS System available..

The Clover Mini 3G POS can perform all the standard functions of a basic credit card terminal, plus allows merchants to accept EMV Chip Cards, debit cards, gift cards and contactless payments such as Apple Pay© and others. Additionally, the Mini Clover POS with 3G and wi-fi has a 7″ touchscreen that allows the device to capture signatures instantly from customers at the time of sale. Furthermore, the Mini Clover POS allows merchants to add custom business related applications from the Clover App Market. The Clover POS Apps will allow you to perform additional tasks such as managing employees, managing inventory, keeping track of customers, managing QuickBooks plus more. You can even plug in a compatible weight scale or bar code scanner that scans your store inventory and customer purchases for faster sales checkouts.

Improve your company profits today ! Call our Clover POS experts today to speak with a professional Clover Sales representative or to learn more about our Clover POS mini prices, Payment processing rates, payment plans and Affordable Point of Sale Systems. We also offer Clover POS rentals, leasing and placement programs.



  • Accept all major credit cards & debit payment types (Swipe, EMV, Pin-Debit, NFC / Contactless)
  • Built-in PIN Pad for debit cards and chip + PIN EMV cards
  • Built-in high-speed thermal printer
  • All-in-One Clover POS system (with Printer, PIN Pad, Contactless and Chip Reader).
  • Accept Apple Pay and other contactless payment types.
  • 7″ Antimicrobial Corning® Gorilla® Glass display screen
  • On-screen signature capture
  • Built-in barcode and QR code scanner using front camera
  • 2 connectivity options: Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Accept Pin Debit and EMV (chip + pin or chip + signature)
  • Multiple layers of security:
  • TransArmor Solution to protect your business and customers
  • Mutually-authenticated SSL solutions
  • Manage tips and pre-authorization tabs and cards
  • Hi quality Front facing camera
  • Clover 3G POS Payment Terminal has User-Friendly Technology
  • Clover 3G POS Terminals have Fast credit card procesing transactions to improve customer waiting times
  • Offer a customizable digital loyalty and rewards program
  • Export your sales data to Quickbooks™
  • Electronic check acceptance using front camera
  • Employee time management (clock-in/clock-out on device)
  • Manage tips and pre-authorize tabs and cards
  • Manage & control your business remotely via the cloud through the Clover dashboard
  • TransArmor® security suite automatically tokenizes and encrypts card data
  • Built-in Insights® solution transforms your payment data into actionable intelligence to help you bring in new business, better target your marketing, identify your best clients, and compare business to competitors in your local area
  • ……and more.


Industries Served
• Retail
• Restaurant
• Bakery
• Hotel / Motel / Lodging
• Mall Kiosk
• Beauty Salon / Barber
• Quick-Service Restaurants
• Mail Order / Telephone Order
• Grocery Store
• Electronic Commerce
• Clothing Boutique
• Auto Rental

Is your standalone Point of Sale System EMV compatible ? If you do not have an EMV POS System at your business, you cannot process chip enabled payments. Our Clover Mini 3G POS System you will protect you from a security breach if you should accidently accept a fraudulent bankcard. Call the Best Credit Card Payment Processors in Miami Florida, Broward and Nationwide today for pricing info regarding our Clover POS Terminals…Review our Clover POS website for more info on the Clover Mini 3G POS with wi-fi

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    •Brushed aluminum body with white glass accents
    •Display: Antimicrobial Corning® Gorilla® Glass
    •H: 6.47” W: 8.0” D:3.73”
    •Weight: 2.3 lbs / Device+ Hub: 2.6 lbs
    •Paper: Requires 2 1/4in wide by 85ft in length thermal paper
    •Internet Connectivity: Ethernet; Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n wireless); or 3G/4G (Pentaband HSPA+) requires GSM data plan – bring your own or use the AT&T one through Clover
    •Screen Size: 7”, 1280px X 800px
    •Payments: EMV chip card reader, NFC reader (EMV Compliant), 3-track Magstripe reader
    •Power Source: External power adapter with DC input
    •Hub: Charging Port, Bluetooth, Audio Jack, Type B USB port, 4 Type A USB peripheral ports



    •Clover Scale (N-FDSCLSW-20)
    •Kitchen Printer (N-SP742ML)
    •Kitchen Printer with Asian Characters (NSP742-CHN)
    •Barcode Scanner (N-IDBA-4244MRB)
    •Clover Cash Drawer (N-FDCDWYJ1)
    •PIN Shield (MIS-EAYJ3008010)
    •Clover Merchant Keypad (MIS-YJ#-KEYPAD)
    •Label Printer (Brother QL-710W)
    •Clover Mini ADA Aid (MIS-YJ3-ADAPAD)
    •Power Pack for Mini (PWR-YJ3PWR-PK)
    •Clover Go (MIS-CLOVERGO350)
    •Clover Extra Bill and Coin Tray (MIS-YJ1CDW-TRAY)
    •Locking Lid for Clover Bill and Coin Tray (MIS-YJ1CDW-LID)
    •Spare Key for Clover Cash Drawer (MIS-KEY-A200)