*Process unlimited credit cards for

only $29, $59 or $99 per month.

*Additional Bank fees & debit transaction fees may apply*

What is Paymentix ZERO FEE PLAN ?

Our Zero Fee Plan is the new legal way that business owners can implement to pass the cost of credit card processing to their customers (the cardholder)… No longer do business owners, have to fund the credit card benefits and rewards points that their customers receive, at the merchants expense.

Our brand new zero fees credit card processing program is sweeping the nation ! It is the only way to legally eliminate most of the associated credit card processing fees. Utilizing our proprietary software and cash discount terminals, a cash discount program will allow merchants to implement a customizable service fee (usually 3.99% of the total purchase price) to customers that pay with credit and debit cards while rewarding customers who pay by cash or check by giving them a discount.

This small 3.99% fee (or a small flat fee) added to individual transactions has a small impact to your consumer, but a huge impact on your cost of doing business. *Source:

This is NOT a credit card surcharge because all receipts will include this fee. However, the fee is waived if the customer happens to pay with cash……The business owner simply posts a sign (provided by us) at the register explaining that the posted prices are the “Cash Discounted Prices”…..  When your customer checks out,  our credit card terminal are enabled to add a small service fee to their receipt automatically. On the other hand, this service fee is deducted from the receipt if your customer decides to pay with cash, check or gift card. The end result is that all your card processing fees collected daily are applied towards your monthly credit card bill automatically, thus you will save thousands of dollars monthly.

Note : *Currently there are a few very small fees that may not be removed from your merchant statement; these include Dues & Assessments – (NABU fee,  MALF fee, Acquirer fee and APF fees. (on average these fees are between 5 – 10% of your current monthly bill)



Offering a discount to encourage customers to pay with cash is 100% legal in all 50 states.


By law, your Cash Discount terminals MUST print compliant receipts that must be 100% compliant with certain federal cash discount regulations and all credit card brands…

Example: When you enter a sale for $15.00, our terminal will automatically ad the required percentage charged on top of the $15.00 as a “SERVICE FEE”…. (See the sample receipt on left). If this was your only credit card charged for the day, your batch report would show $15.60, as this is the total amount charged to your clients credit card. However, your next day bank deposit would be $15.00 because the “SERVICE FEE” of $0.60 will be debited automatically from the deposit to cover the processing fees. – A merchant can always choose to waive the service fee to their client and pay the fee themselves. The “SERVICE FEE” is discounted if the client pays in cash (see receipt on the right)

Our terminals will automatically print or email a detailed receipt showing the “SERVICE FEE”  (applied to “ALL” transactions)  and  “CASH DISCOUNT” (applied only to cash paying clients)


*FREE TERMINALS FOR “ZERO FEE PLAN” for all qualified merchants.

All our automated cash discount technology meets state and federal cash discount regulations and are 100% compliant with all of the credit card networks.

Some of our Terminals and Point of Sale Systems are programmed with our Cash Discount technology to automatically cover your credit card processing fees, and print compliant receipts that show where the service fee was waived because your customer paid in cash.

Call us to verify if your current terminal is compatible and compliant with our current zero processing fee program.




You must provide a notification before the transaction is made that you charge a service fee but it will be waived if the customer pays in cash.


This signage must be located next to the terminal or point of sale.  (All Signage is provided by us)

Thanks to recent law changes, our “No Fee Credit Card Program” was born.

Merchants can finally reduce their monthly credit card processing costs down to almost zero !

Recover up to 100% of lost profits associated to processing fees every month.

Eliminate Processing Fees with our Zero Fee Plan

Not Sure If Cash Discounting is Good For Your Business ?

If saving thousands is not good for you, then what is ?

Here is a Side-By-Side comparison



$5,000 in monthly credit card sales —- Approximate Savings of $180 per month or $2,100 per year.

$10,000 in monthly credit card sales —- Approximate Savings of $300 per month or $3,800 per year.

$25,000 in monthly credit card sales —- Approximate Savings of $850 per month or $10,100 per year.

$50,000 in monthly credit card sales —- Approximate Savings of $1,600 per month or $20,100 per year.

$100,000 in monthly credit card sales —- Approximate Savings of $3,500 per month or $40,100 per year.

$200,000 in monthly credit card sales —– Approximate Savings of $6,500 per month or  $80,100 per year.



Say Good Bye to Processing Fees

With our Merchant Cash Discounting Program, all your daily card processing fees will be incorporated into the sale and a small service fee is passed on to the card holder.


Pay Monthly Low Flat Fee

Why pay higher fees when you process more credit cards ? Process unlimited credit cards for only one small monthly fee of $29, $59 or $99. Or pay $0 if you refer us 6 businesses. Collect 100% of your revenue daily !


60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

There is No obligation. Try our risk free cash discount program. If you are not happy saving thousands, you can switch back to a traditional low cost merchant account & still save up to 60% on credit card processing monthly fees.


Legal Nationwide

Our cash discount program is 100% legal in all 50 states. Now your business can finally benefit from the same laws that other businesses have been taking advantage of for years..


Start Saving Thousands

Why pay credit card rewards points & other interchange fees when your customers are the ones benefiting ? A minimal convenience fee added on your customer’s bill saves you thousands in yearly processing fees….


Free Online Sales Tracking System

Stay in the loop 24/7 ! Monitoring and reporting of all your daily sales transactions, batches, refunds, chargebacks and monthly statements is easy via our secure web-based merchant account portal.


Free Merchant Account Setup

No Setup fees, application fees or terminal programming fees charged when you setup a new cash Discount Merchant Account with us. Equipment will arrive preprogrammed to your business.


FREE EMV Terminal

Qualified merchants get a FREE EMV terminal so you can implement our new zero fee program and save money right away ! Our technology is a totally compliant Cash Discount program legal in all 50 states.


Implement our Cash Discount Program, and eliminate your credit card processing fees.

For many years, merchants have lost a huge part of their revenues because they were required to pay the high cost of processing credit cards and were not allowed to pass the card processing costs to their customers. But the rules have changed ! ….After years of litigation, a $6 billion federal class action lawsuit was fought by several business owners who claimed Visa and MasterCard were charging them excessive card processing rates. Business owners got sick of loosing thousands of dollars in processing fees and fought for a fair change. The case was finally settled and the business owners won.…..Most importantly, Congress agreed and hence the Dodd-Frank Reform Act was passed.

As a result of this historic lawsuit against all the credit card networks, on January 27, 2013 several card industry rules changed in favor of the merchants. The new law now allows merchants to charge the full retail price to customers paying by credit and debit cards and offer their customers a cash discount as an incentive for paying with cash. Most importantly, this Program is also fully compliant with established polices by Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. In fact, gas stations, municipalities and energy companies have been using this program in the U.S for over 15 years.  For additional information on Cash Discount Program legal compliance, contact us.


Check out our most commonly asked questions about the Cash Discount Program.

Eliminate Processing Fees with our Zero Fee Program