Retail Credit Card Processing is great for merchants who will need to process most sales transactions with the customer’s credit card present at the time of sale. This type of Retail Merchant Account is often known in the industry as a Swiped Merchant Account, CP or Card Present Merchant Account and is commonly used in retail industries such as restaurants, electronic shops and many service based businesses. Since the customers credit card is present at the time of the sale, there is much less risk of the sale turning out to be fraudulent. As a result of this transaction being less risky, this retail payment processing transaction type offers retail merchants the lowest Retail Merchant Account rates available. The sale transaction can be done as a “swipe” transaction or contactless payment system and allow merchants to accept all major credit cards, debit cards and ACH/eChecks.


Our retail merchant accounts allow merchants to securely and quickly authorize point-of-sale transactions using the best Point of Sale equipment. Your customers can swipe credit cards or enter their debit PIN numbers into your retail credit card terminals easily, thus creating a retail payment processing system that will increase your sales as a result of processing more transactions in less time. In other words, you will boost sales, improve customer service and speed up data verification as your customers checkout much faster. Since the transactions are “Swiped”, Retail Merchant Accounts rates are considered to be the lowest of all the credit card processing types. Setting up your store front business to start accepting credit cards in store is easy with our Retail Payment Processing Company. Our retail merchant account approval rate is 98%. Therefore, after you submit our Merchant Account Services Application, we will help you start accepting credit cards fast… approximately 24 hours.


Our Retail Merchant Processing experts will quickly set you up to process retail credit cards with the best rates for payment processing terminals, mobile terminals, pin pads, wireless terminals, cellphone readers, card swipers, and other types of credit card machines.. We also affordable POS system for any retail merchant processing credit cards at their store front or restaurant. Furthermore, our Merchant Account Processing company will help you to start processing credit cards at the lowest rates guaranteed and will ensure you swipe credit cards securely with our PCI-compliant payment solutions.

We are the best retail merchant account providers when it comes to savings, professionalism, reliability and security of your retail Credit Card Processing needs. Switch to us and get the best payment processing rates and service available at your new or existing retail location.

Retail Payment Processing Solutions for Retail Businesses

Every retail merchant account includes the following features.

  • EMV Ready Credit Card Terminal
  • Accept EMV and Apple Pay / NFC payments
  • High speed and secure creditcard processing
  • Check processing services
  • Merchant management portal
  • Gift and Loyalty card programs
  • 24 Hour merchant service support


Never put your customers creditcard data at risk..Our PCI compliant Merchant Services for Retail Business will protect your business and your customer by keeping their sensitive credit card data totally secure. We enforce extremely high levels of security to reduce credit card fraud risks on all our Retail Merchant Solutions. Additionally, we meet all standards related to PCI DSS and offer all the PCI-compliant security features, including: point-to-point encryption (Also known as: P2PE)… (this encrypts credit card numbers at every point of the transaction, while address verification systems (AVS) help verify the true identity of the card owner.

Why Choose Our Retail Merchant Services ?
Our retail credit card processing solutions allow merchants to offer low cost payment processing methods at the point of sale.

We always offer low processing rates and free terminal program for all merchants who qualify for our retail merchant services. Stop overpaying on your business merchant account and save between 20% and 40% with our office.

Contact our local Merchant Account Processors first. Our specialists will provide more information on how you can switch merchant accounts, buy bankcard terminals or for info related to Retail Credit card Processing.



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