Having trouble obtaining investment capital for your business ? …..Nowadays, it is much more difficult to get investment capital through banks or other traditional small business loans. Paymentix knows that getting working capital can be very frustrating, time-consuming and challenging. That’s why our online Merchant Cash Advance program is your best solution. With our merchant lending program, you can get anywhere from $20,000 to $1,000,000 in funding for your business and have it in deposited directly into your business bank account within approximately 48 hours. Simply fill out our easy web application, upload the required documents and get approved for business credit card funding quickly.



A merchant cash advance is typically the fastest and easiest way to get small business funding by small business lenders. Business funding solutions are also known as credit card receivable funding or merchant business loans. However, a merchant cash advance (MCA) is not exactly a loan, but rather an advance based on the future credit card sales of the business. Simply stated, a business will get a lump sum advance of the funds wich are regularly charged by the business’ merchant account.

This type of merchant account business funding is very popular nowadays because it allows business owners that accept credit card payments to easily repay the lender back with a percentage of the daily credit card sales. In other words, the small business is selling a portion of their future revenues (credit card sales) in efforts to obtain the fast capital they need. Unlike traditional loans, that usually require extensive paperwork and funding restrictions, a merchant cash advance is a much more flexible financing solution with less restrictions, minimal paperwork, faster approvals and faster funding turnaround. Plus, collateral is never required for this type of merchant funding program.

Furthermore, this type of business cash advance usually does not require a business to sign a personal guarantee, because the approval process is based on the business and not on your personal credit. Merchants are simply approved based on the historical credit card processing volume and then funded an advance amount that can be repaid in less than 1 year.



If you have limited business history, no collateral, or a poor credit score…. a merchant cash advance may be your best finance solution.

Most small businesses should not have difficulty qualifying for a merchant cash advance with Paymentix because our application process and eligibility standards are very simple.

Businesses who gain most of their revenue by credit card payments such as retail stores and restaurants can apply for a merchant cash advance and use it as a short-term financing tool. This can help the business grow their inventory, pay vendors, pay outstanding debts, get working capital, expand their business and much more.



After you apply for a Merchant Cash Advance Loan on our website, we will approve your business for an advance amount which is based on your last 3 to 6 months average of credit card processing. We will then agree on the advance amount, payback amount, and holdback percentages that are available for your type of business.

In order to get approved for a business credit card advance, a business must have predictable credit card sales every month. The merchant cash advance company will pay off the advance and take a small percentage of all credit card transactions (also known as “Holdback”) until the agreed funded amount has been completely paid back in full. Holdback rates will usually range between 10% and 30%, but the holdback percentage can actually depend on numerous factors including but not limited to: the type of business, the amount of funds a business receives, how long it will take to repay the advance, how big the monthly receivables are and other factors evaluated by the merchant advance provider.

Another great advantage of our business cash advances is the flexible payback method. Repayments are made to the cash advance company based on a fixed percentage of your daily credit card processing batches. Therefore, if your business has a day with higher sales, you would make a higher payment towards the balance and thus repay the merchant cash advance much faster. On the other hand, if any given day your sales are lower, the draw from your merchant account would also be less. Unlike a set fixed payment, the business’ cash advance payback is relative to your credit card transaction deposits and flexes based on your businesses credit card sales. Merchants will never have to worry about mailing another check to a business lending company ever again.





There are two types of payback rates used when a business receives funding with a merchant cash advance.

The first rate is called  “The Factor Rate” :  here, merchants pay a factor of their funded / advanced amount. The factor rate typically ranges between 1.15 and 1.4.* Here is an example : if a merchant is funded $20,000, the merchant would pay back 1.15 multiplied by 20,000 for a total payback amount of $23,000. This money is repaid very easily throughout the future credit card batches. What’s best, there is no timeframe on the advance, so merchants will have no interest rates applied.

The second rate is called the “Percentage Rate” :  This rate is taken from credit card daily batches to repay the borrowed amount. Here is an example : if a merchant is approved for a 13 percent daily payment, and the merchant batches out $1,000 in credit card sales on day one, the merchant would repay $130 of the above $23,000. If the merchant batches out $2,000 in credit card sales the next day, the merchant would pay back $260.


Is a Merchant Cash Advance A Good Alternative for Your Business?

An MCA is a good alternative if you require access to capital immediately, yet have steady credit card sales in your merchant account flowing every day to be able to pay back the advance. Most importantly, the credit requirements are normally less than a small bank business loan, therefore, an MCA could be an alternative solution for a business that processes many credit card transactions monthly but has a poor credit history.



  • Easy web based merchant cash advance application
  • No fees charged to apply for Merchant Cash Funding
  • Get business funding in approximately 2 to 5 days
  • Repayments tailored to your business cash flow
  • No long terms or fixed monthly payments
  • Payback the merchant advance as your business grows
  • Flexible Business Funding Programs
  • Acquire additional investment capital by renewing your cash advance

Our Merchant Cash Advance Program makes it simple to invest into your business by using your current every day credit card revenue !


Apply for an MCA today and have the advance your business needs deposited directly into your bank account within 24 to 48 hours. Call for more information on our merchant lending programs. Our merchant cash advance approval process is very easy, so sign up and get working capital for business. Get started today ! Get funding for business….quickly and easily. We have the best merchant funding, merchant account lending and merchant cash advance programs in the industry.




Apply for Business Cash Advance Online

Apply on our website today and get approved anywhere from one hour to a few days. Once your merchant cash advance application is approved, your business could receive the funds in your bank account within two to five days.

The application process is not complicated like other traditional loans. That is one of the reasons our merchant cash advance approval process is a much faster and easier option.

We are the best merchant cash advance company helping all large and small businesses obtain the business funding they require.

Whether you are a storefront, retail shop, bakery, auto dealership,  lawyer, doctor, dentist, general contractor, furniture store, bar, nightclub, auto repair shop or any other type of business, we can help you get the right small business loans that are perfect for you. We guarantee to offer the lowest rates for merchant cash advance in Miami and all U.S.A.

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