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Clover Flex



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Meet the Brand New Clover Flex. Your sales can happen wherever your clients may be. CloverFlex can be used anywhere as it is a completely wireless portable payment Point of Sale device. Easily accept payments both at the counter, at the sales floor or take it with you so you can process wireless credit card payments in the field. Clover™ Flex is an easy to use handheld credit card processing solution. Most importantly, it is an affordable, EMV portable credit card terminal that may be used to accept wireless credit card payments anywhere your business takes place.

Clover Flex POS

Clover™ Flex comes ready to use out of the box as soon as you receive it. This smart Wireless POS has many features that help merchants take wireless payments, track daily sales, print receipts, manage inventory, generate custom reports & more.

The all new Clover Flex terminal is designed to sit comfortably next to your register or as a handheld POS device. Allows you to do business, take orders, manage inventory, and accept payments both at the counter and on the sales floor.

Now you can offer your clients more convenience by accepting wireless credit card payments with Clover Flex POS. This is a user-friendly Wireless Point of Sale Device that is portable for merchants that are constantly on the move. With the new Clover Flex, you can still enjoy the ability to add optional Clover POS applications to further customize your Clover Flex Point of Sale System, web-based data storage, and many other features.

This counter top and hand-held wireless POS System from Clover is perfect for businesses on the go ! Clover™ Flex is not your basic wireless credit card terminal. It is a complete business POS system that is very advanced and can manage and process all of your daily sales where ever your customers may be. The Flex Clover POS will help you better control your business sales by increasing productivity and lowering credit card processing fees.

Clover™ Flex Credit Card Processing is ideal for countertop or mobile applications. You can use this small wireless POS for restaurant, bakery, contractor, taxi driver, clothing store, bar, lunch truck, lawyer, plumber or any person who may need to process credit cards on-site, paying at the table or in the field.

Clover Flex Wireless POS

This Clover Wirelss Point of Sale Solution is great for :

  • Full-Service Restaurants that take payments at the table or delivery services
  • Quick Service locations for add-on orders
  • lunch truck drivers, Food truck owners, personal transportation, taxi cab
  • Retail shops that need to scan inventory or “line busting”
  • Mobile service professionals ; electricians, landscapers, handyman, painter, courier driver, etc
  • Off-site events such as expos, Trade Show, festival, etc

Do you require line busting or at the table payments ?…then we have good news for you….. because Clover Flex has a built-in thermal printer so you can quickly print sales receipts from anywhere in your store or on the road. Clover Flex also includes access to the Clover’s App Market so merchants can access a large array of custom applications that can be downloaded to your Clover Flex Terminal. These apps include services such as loyalty and reward programs, gift cards, accounting programs, marketing and many others. The Clover Flex point-of-sale device can be purchased with “WiFi only” or with “WiFi and 3G”.


  • Fully Featured Portable POS Solution that can accept wireless credit cards, debit cards or cash (Swipe, EMV, Chip-and-pin entry, & NFC / Contactless for Apple Pay™ for iPhone 6®, Google Wallet, etc)
  • Fully integrated with complete line of Clover POS devices
  • Clover Flex Payment Terminal has User Friendly Technology
  • Accept Apple Pay and other types of contactless payments.
  • Inventory Management – Scan items into your inventory wirelessly
  • Captures signature directly on the screen  – (e-signature capture)
  • Two connectivity options: Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi & 3G (required data plan)
  • Can text, email or print sales receipts with internal fast printer
  • Numerous fraud security layers:
  • TransArmor Solution to protect your business and customers
  • Mutually-authenticated SSL solutions
  • Take an order in-line and close it at the counter. Complete check-out at the table or in the isle.
  • Clients can pay at the restaurant table, as well as sign and tip.
  • Embedded receipt printer, camera, QSR scanner and 3G/ Wi-Fi enabled
  • All receipts are stored digitally in the cloud and can sent by e-mail / text or printed.
  • Manage tips and pre-authorization tabs and cards
  • Clover Flex Terminals have process credit card transactions quickly to minimize customer waiting time
  • Accepts EMV/3 track magstripe reader
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery fully charged in 4.5 hours (can last all full day of business without a charge)
  • ……and much more.



* Requires Monthly Service Plan with First Data in order to activate – ($39.95 per unit per month.)

Is your current Wireless POS EMV compatible ? If you do not have a Wireless EMV POS Solution, you cannot accept chip enabled payments ? With our new Clover Flex System you will never be at risk of a security breach. Call the Best Payment Processors in Miami Dade, Broward, Ft Lauderdale and all South Florida today. We will offer the lowest Clover Flex Credit Card Processing Price available no matter what state you are in. We also provide other economical POS terminals that are compatible with all businesses…. Browse through our website for more information or call us regarding our First Data Clover Flex POS device.

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    Equipment Specifications:

    EMV chip card reader, NFC reader, MSR reader.

    Embedded thermal receipt printer.

    On-screen PIN entry (with solution for the visually impaired).

    Built-in camera for 1D and 2D trigger-activated barcode scanner. Camera is outward looking and landscape orientation.
    Wi-Fi, 3G, and optional Ethernet. Robust applications will assume partial connectivity.

    Contains a speaker, audiojack, and microphone.

    EMV-compliant NFC reader – 3-Track Magstripe

    Display – Antimicrobial Corning® Gorilla® Glass

    5 inch screen – 1280px x 720px Liquid silicone rubber for improved impact (drop) performance

    Power Source – Built-in 18.7-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery charges fully in less than 4.5 hours via Clover Charging Dock

    Dimensions – H: 3.0 in – W: 5.5 in – D: 9.8 in

    Weight – 1.5 lbs

    1.6GHz Quad Core A7 processor.

    Memory: 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM.

    Clover’s hardened version of Android (AOSP) 5.1.1 (API Level 22, Lollipop).

    5″, 720×1280, 320ppi.

    The device has a system capability to transition between a merchant-facing and consumer-facing mode. Both modes are available in portrait view.

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