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PAX A920 Terminal


Looking for a wireless credit card machine ? The PAX A920 terminal is one of the most economical wireless credit card terminals by PAX… The PAX A920 is a small, compact and durable payment terminal powered by the Android 6.0 operating system. The PAXA920 terminal is designed to assist payment service providers in creating and managing their independent app store marketplaces. Whats best ! …the PAX A 920 features numerous Android-based apps to help boost your business. The PAX A920 terminal has full connectivity and is a very reliable payment terminal that will process payments securely and very fast, during your businesses most busiest hours.




SwipeSimple PAX A920 Terminal is an affordable wireless payment terminal. This modern and portable credit card terminal is most commonly used by merchants that need to take payments away from the counter, at the table, curb-side or outside on the field. The PAX A920 payment terminal is an easy-to-use 4G credit card terminal used by thousands of retail stores and restaurant merchants in the U.S.A. Some of the most common businesses that can accept credit card payments with the PAX A920 terminal  may include ;  quick service restaurants, bakery, pizza shop, barber shops, beauty salons, automobile dealer, auto body shops, dentist, doctors offices, furniture store, hardware store, food stores and more..


  • Best PAX A920 Terminal Features
    • PAX A920 terminal is powered by Android OS
    • Hand-Held 4G wireless credit card terminal
    • Can accepts EMV Chip, magnetic stripe, and contactless payments (NFC)
    • Front Facing Camera
    • PAXA920 terminal has a built-in 3.5 in/sec high-speed thermal printer
    • 5-inch high-resolution touchscreen
    • Wireless connectivity via cellular or Wi-Fi


  • SwipeSimple Features
    • Ability to send digital receipts via email or via SMS / text
    • Accept tips — add customizable default tip amounts
    • Cloud-based inventory tracking and reporting with Item Catalog


  • Business Management Tools
    • Numerous analytics and other sales, customer and product related reports
    • Search for all credit card transactions in real-time
    • Manage all of your custom discount settings local tax rates





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