We now offer Guaranteed Merchant Account Savings for new merchants ! with our “MERCHANT ACCOUNT LOW RATE GUARANTEE”.

At Paymentix, we are so confident that we can save your company between 20% and 50% on your credit card processing fees that we will give you an American Express Gift Card worth up to $500 if we can not beat your existing credit card processing rates*. That’s right, simply send us your last months processing statement from your current processor and we will perform an analysis of the processing statement in less than 24 hours and then show you how we can save you approximately 20% to 50% on your monthly fees….Stop overpaying expensive credit card processing fees !

You have nothing to loose and a minimum of $500 to gain. If you accept our low rate offer, we will set up a Merchant Account for you within just a few hours.



Did you find ANY of the following surcharges or downgrades  listed on your most recent statement ?

  • Qualified or Qual
  • Mid-Qualified or MQual
  • Non-Qualified or NQual
  • Data Rate 1
  • Standard or STND
  • NQSF
  • Electronic or ELEC
  • Level 1
  • EIRF
  • Bill-Back – example: MAY BB175 Transaction Cleared

If your answer is YES, this may indicate that your merchant account was not set up correctly by your payment processor and that is probably the reason why you are being overcharged hundreds of dollars extra on your credit card processing fees…..Contact us today,…we will offer a free statement analysis and guarantee to lower your fees and save you between 20% and 80% on your monthly fees / rate.


NOTE: Paymentix will guarantee to save on credit card processing costs for the merchants business; as long as the merchant can qualify for a merchant account with Paymentix or its assigns to qualify to receive the funds. Should this occur, Paymentix will not be entitled to pay funds to the merchant and thus if the merchant cannot qualify for a merchant account this guarantee shall therefore become void.

NOTE: This savings guarantee does not apply to “no fee, flat rate” smart phone programs as those rates are already the lowest we may provide, but several other options of ours may still be more cost effective for you so send us your statement anyways.

The following are several common reasons why a merchant may not qualify for our Merchant Account Savings. some reasons include but are not limited to: excessive chargebacks, business located outside of the U.S.A, no processing volume history, insufficient credit, prohibited business types and high risk business.

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