Mobile Credit Card Processing is great for merchants who want to process sales transactions on their cellphone while in the field with the customer’s credit card present at the time of sale. This type of Mobile Payment Processing is often known in the industry as a Mobile Merchant Account and is commonly used in industries that offer mobile related services such as landscaping, plumbing, construction, handymen, restaurant delivery services, taxi cab drivers, etc. Since the customers credit card is present at the time of the sale, there is much less risk of the sale turning out to be fraudulent. As a result of this transaction being less risky, this mobile payment processing transaction type offers mobile merchants the lowest Mobile Merchant Account rates available. The sale transaction can be done as a “swipe” or “keyed in” transaction. Mobile Payment Processing will allow merchants to accept all major credit cards, debit cards and ACH transactions.

Our mobile processing account approval rate is 98%. Therefore, after you submit our Merchant Account Services Application, we will get you started to start accepting credit cards fast… approximately 24 hours.

Mobile credit card processing is an easy, fast and safe payment processing solution for merchants on-the-go. Our mobile merchant account allows you to manage your accounts, pull reports, track sales activity, enter credit card data, and email receipts directly from your iPad, Android swiper or other mobile processing equipment. Plus, you can even get insights on other local companies in your industry. No high cost POS terminal or other bulky hardware is ever needed. Simply download our free Android or IOS payment processing app for mobile payments, plug the optional tiny card reader attachment into your smartphone or i-Pad and begin taking credit card payments on cellphone in under a minute. Wherever you are, you will be able to sell your companies products or services quickly. Plus, sales receipts can be signed and emailed directly from your cellular phone or tablet. Our mobile credit card processing solutions are compatible with many other systems for mobile card processing, including Simple Mobile, Verifone, Way Systems, Hypercom, ROAMPay, Exadigm and more.


Thanks to Advances in mobile technology, consumers can now shop online and make payments via mobile wallet apps such as Apple Pay Processing and Google Wallet Processing. Mobile credit card processing is becoming an important requirement in every retail business because it is very convenient, reliable and secure. With our advanced mobile merchant account solutions and EMV card readers, merchants can accept major credit cards, debit cards and checks directly on their cellphone or tablet. Processing transactions with our smartphone credit card processing app can help boost your sales and thus improve customer service wherever you do business.


Whether your business offers food delivery, locksmith services, transportation service, courier service, home remodeling services or other field related labor, you can easily accept payments on a smartphone at a customers job site. (Internet connection needed on mobile device processing payments). Accept payments on the go, 24 hours a day with our Clover® Go credit card Swiper. With a CloverGo reader, we can guarantee to offer secure, safe and low cost mobile payment processing for credit cards and debit cards. So what are you waiting for ? Start swiping today and boost your sales !

When it comes to relability, savings and security…. we are the best Mobile Payment Processors online. We can handle all of your Mobile Card Processing needs and can get you the lowest mobile phone payment processing rates guaranteed ! Call us today for information about our iPhone and iPad processing solutions.

We are the best Mobile Merchant Account Provider that can assist with all your Mobile Credit Card Processing needs. Switch to us and get lower mobile processing rates at your business.

Mobile Payment Processing Solutions for all Businesses types

Every Mobile Merchant Account includes the following features.

  • FREE Mobile Credit Card Reader (EMV Ready)
  • Accept EMV credit card payments
  • High speed and secure creditcard processing
  • Web-based inventory tracking
  • Merchant account management portal
  • View Real-time sales reports, updates and notifications on App
  • Text or email sales receipts within the mobile Application
  • Restaurant merchants can easily add tips during checkout
  • 24 Hour mobile merchant service support

Our Mobile Merchant Processing solutions can benefit every single business that needs to process credit cards on Android, Iphone or other mobile device. We offer low processing rates and a free smartphone swiper program for all new merchants who qualify for our Mobile merchant services. Stop paying more on your business merchant account rates and save upto 50% on your montly fees with our agency. Contact our local Merchant Account Processors for advise…We are here to help. Our specialists will provide more information on how you can switch merchant accounts, reduce bankcard fees, buy bankcard Cell Phone terminals or for info related to Processing Credit Cards with Iphone or Androids .


Nowadays merchants face many security issues while accepting credit cards on mobile phone. Our Mobile Phone credit card readers are designed with the highest security for mobile credit card transactions. Our Mobile processing swiper uses advanced data encryption technology that protect customers’ information when making payments through a mobile phone with credit card or debit cards.

Our PCI compliant Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing solutions will protect your company and your customers by keeping all credit card data totally secure. We enforce very high security levels to minimize bankcard fraud risks on all our Mobile Merchant Accounts. Furthermore, we meet all PCI DSS standards and offer all the PCI-compliant security features, including: point-to-point encryption (encrypts credit card information at every point of transaction, and address verification systems (AVS) will help to verify the true card holders identity.

Accept credit cards on mobile phone today ! Take your business anywhere you go with our smartphone credit card processing equipment. We offer low mobile card processing cost that no other mobile payment processing company can match. Whether you need to take mobile phone payments out in the field,…or need to accept credit cards at your store, you will have your credit card phone swiper setup for safer transaction anywhere your customer may be.



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