Do you own a retail business ? Our retail credit card processing solutions can help you get paid faster while saving you between 20% and 60% on your retail payment processing rates every month. This type of Retail Merchant Account is commonly called in the industry as a Swiped Merchant Account or Card Present Merchant Account. It is most common in retail industries such as restaurants, clothing stores, boutiques, flower shops, electronic shops, Auto Parts Stores, etc,..However, it is also used by many service based businesses.

A Retail Merchant Account allow merchants to accept all major credit cards, debit cards and ACH/eChecks. This type of Merchant Account is best for merchants who process most of their credit card transactions with the customer present at the time of sale. Since the customers credit card is present at the time of the sale, the chances of the sale turning out fraudulent are far less. As a result of the card transaction being less risky, the retail payment processing transaction will offer retail businesses much lower retail credit card processing rates. The savings can be significantly less compared to card not present transactions. The Retail sales transactions can be done as a “swipe” or “contactless” transactions (Also known as NFC).

A Retail Merchant Account from Paymentix will provide next-day funding and the highest PCI security on every Retail Credit Card Transaction you make at your retail shop. Plus, you will enjoy all of our technology solutions such as EMV Retail Credit Card Terminals, Point of Sale Equipment and other POS systems that will take the struggle out of payments.



With our Retail Merchant Processing, you can now easily allow your customers to swipe credit cards or enter their debit PIN numbers into your retail credit card machines. This way you can process more transactions and increase credit card sales with the best retail payment processing system available online. Processing more transactions in less time is crucial when you run a very busy retail store or restaurant. Our retail credit card processing services will allow businesses to authorize point-of-sale transactions quickly with the most secure retail Point of Sale equipment. Since the credit card transactions are “Swiped”, the Retail Credit card Processing rates are much lower.

Set up your retail storefront business to start processing retail credit cards easily with our Retail Payment Processing Company. Our retail merchant service approval rate is about 98%. All you have to do is fill-out and submit our Retail Merchant Account Application, and we will help you get setup to accept credit cards fast… less than 24 hours.

Partner up with the best Retail Payment Processors and boost your retail sales, improve customer service and speed up data verification every time your customers checkout.



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