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Poynt Smart Terminal


The Future Proof Poynt Smart Terminal is Here
Smart is not just for cellphones anymore…Merchants can now use the latest in credit card terminal technology to manage and track all aspects of their business with the new Poynt Smart Terminal. The Poynt POS System has many great features such as a hybrid card reader, built-in scanner and printer plus many other great features. This smart POS System accepts all of the latest payment options such as credit cards and debit cards with magnetic stripe and EMV, NFC / Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Loyalty and gift cards, digital wallets, QR code, bluetooth and much more…but it is future proof and ready for any possible changes in payment processing tomorrow.

What Is Hype about the Poynt Smart Terminal ?
The Poynt Smart Terminal has become very popular because it is the worlds first smart payment terminal. This future-proof payment processing terminal can be used for any business type. It is an affordable, smart, mobile / wireless point of sale system that grows with your business. This device runs on PoyntOS and meets the highest requirements of PCI and EMV, uses hi-tech end-to-end encryption technology and includes fraud and tamper detection 24 hours a day. The Poynt Credit Card Terminal allows developers to create custom business applications by leveraging the power of APIs and SDKs to give merchants the superpowers they need.



Accept All Payment Types
Payment options change very often. Luckily, that will never be a problem with the Poynt Smart POS. Never worry of loosing a sale as a result of not being able to accept a form of payment. Whether it is debit card, EMV card, gift cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or cash, you can swipe or dip any creditcard without worries.

Advanced Payment Applications
Now you can use third party applications to make more money, be more efficient and give your terminal added functionality. The poynt machine comes with several standard Poynt applications already pre-installed. The applications included are: Settlement, Terminal, Manual Entry, Register and Help. Several analytics and monitoring tools can also be accessed directly from the terminal, the Poynt website or from your Android or iPhone. Many other premium applications are also available from outside partnerships with independent developers.  These apps can also be accessed and downloaded into the Poynt terminal from the Poynt app store for a minor monthly subscription fee. New apps are continuously being developed almost on a weekly basis so check the app market periodically.

Mobile, Portable and Wireless
The Poynt Smart terminal is a mobile point of sale system that can be moved around throughout your business to take orders anywhere on the floor. Thus, you can use it to line bust, take orders from customers at the table, take orders at the drive thru curbside area and more. You can also use it to scan your inventory in the back…(Note: the 3G/4G model allows for you to take orders in the field as well.) The terminal can go about 8 hours without a single charge. To charge it, simply place the device smart POS device on it’s docking station or connect the Poynt terminal via the USB connection port located on the side.

Modern Methods of Payments
Nowadays there is increasing popularity for consumers using an alternative payment method called NFC payments which include Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. The good news is that, the Smart POS Terminal can accept all contactless payments available today and in the future. Bluetooth payments also allow for a customer to use his cellphone to securely communicate with the Poynt payment terminal wirelessly… This great advantage allows a customer to make a payment directly from their phone from a short distance while standing in line or while waiting at the restaurants table. Nowadays, QR codes are commonly used for many reasons such as accepting payments, coupons and product sku’s and item identifiers. The Poynt Smart Terminal can also scan these QR codes and barcodes easily.

Security And Reliability
The Poynt Credit Card Machine has a highly secured and fast processor which provides security for payment information and also ensures that no merchant or cardholder data leaves without it first being encrypted. This wireless point of sale terminal uses end-to-end encryption used to transmit all sensitive payment information.

Flexible POS Integrations
The Poynt Terminal is very flexible as it can seamlessly integrate with many pre-existing peripherals such as your cash register, cash drawer, scanner, receipt printer, scale and other many others…. Everyday, more and more accessories and applications are being created, tested and certified by independent developers to work with Poynt as a result of the PoyntOS being on the open Android platform. Call a representative from our merchant services company today for more info about the Poynt Terminal price, Poynt HQ, Poynt restaurant or other general questions about how to setup your merchant account at the lowest prices with the Poynt Smart Terminal.



The Poynt Smart Terminal comes with built-in compatibility for dozens of peripherals so you can get up and running in minutes.

See the full list of compatible peripherals.

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