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Many of our merchant service agents earn a 6 figure residual income while working flexible part time or full-time schedules…We assist all of our sales agents, partners and merchant service resellers every step of the way with ongoing support, comprehensive sales training and many other marketing resources not available by any other company. We may also include leads for our top performing sales reps. Our local Merchant Service Agent opportunity is also available nationwide and are known as one of the best outside sales employment opportunities available in the credit card payment processing industry.  Start your Merchant Services Sales Agent opportunity today. Sell merchant services and earn great income wherever you may live….Give us a call and get paid residual income for life !

All Merchant Sales Agents will get access to their private web-based CRM Portal so they may track and review all their accounts online and monitor all payments paid to them…all in real time….Whats more, we provide the support and many resources to help you boost your revenue.


Merchant Services Sales Agents also enjoy :

  • Unlimited residual income that grows exponentially every month….(plus commissions & bonuses.)
  • Vacation giveaway For partners :   Our sales partners get a free vacation when they signup their 3rd merchant account. (80 destinations available to choose from including Hawaii, Brazil, Dubai, France, Rome, Las Vegas,,..etc).
  • Vacation giveaway for merchants :  Also give merchants a free vacation when they signup with you.
  • Remote / virtual sales training via Zoom or Skype.
  • Sales and POS training :   online video tutorials or zoom meetings related to sales, strategies , POS equipment,.etc,.etc.
  • Flexible work schedule :    (work part or full time)…You set your time and pace…It’s up to you how fast you want to be financially free.
  • Free equipment & incentives for merchants :   Give qualified merchants free mobile reader, POS equipment or virtual terminals…..(*Plus many other free incentives available for merchants*.)
  • Free digital marketing for merchants :    Websites, funnels, CRM, loyalty programs, gift cards, Text marketing, social media marketing, corporate videos, review / reputation management, Local SEO, and dozens of other marketing tools to help merchants increase sales and help you increase income while providing higher value.
  • Offline marketing sales resources :    Flyers, Business cards, QR codes, Product Brochures, etc,.etc,.
  • Online marketing sales resources :    Graphics, Videos, Online Savings Calculator & many other web marketing tools to help our partners grow their passive income.
  • Agent Lead Generation Systems & Tools :   Website / Landing Pages,  AI Marketing Software, ,etc,..etc..
  • Online Affiliate Program  :   Easily generate leads from your affiliate partners.
  • Offer other important services :   Option to offer marketing services from our “Web MarketPlace” , Business Lending , IT services and other business related services that merchants often need..
  • 98.8% approval rates  :   Very high approval rates on all new boarded Merchant Accounts.
  • Agent Sales Support :    (9:00am – 6:00pm EST  /  Monday to Friday)
  • Merchant Account Support :   (24 hours  /  7 days a week)
  • Easy application submissions :    Easily submit your new merchant account deals online.
  • CRM  :   Easily manage & track your merchant accounts, leads, residuals, applications, proposals, sales slicks, merchant transactions, sales metrics and much more.
  • Call Center leads :   Our call center can provide warm qualified appointments booked to select active agents that reach certain monthly deals closed..These bookings will be added in the agents calendar within the CRM.
  • 100% profit paid on all equipment sales :   Example: If you sell a POS that costs $300 for $800,  we will pay you 100% of the profit which is $500.
  • Account Boarding Tools :  Online merchant account boarding tools and proposal generators.
  • Offer qualified merchants Next-Day and Same-Day funding capabilities.
  • ……..And much more we will share on our training once you signup !!