Apple Pay vs Google Wallet

Apple Pay vs Google Wallet

Here is a brief explanation of Apple Pay Vs Google Wallet…Smartphones are new inventions that can be used just about anywhere in the world for various reasons such as conducting research over the Internet or even doing shopping. When doing shopping, you need to have a mode of payment to be able to make purchases and do so in a safe, secure and efficient manner.

There are two different kinds of mobile payment systems namely Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Both of them work well for smartphones though they usually require some specialized hardware that is otherwise known as NFC or Near-Field-Communication to function properly.

Whenever you are using NFC as a form of payment, the receiver of the payment needs to have a wireless terminal through which to verify and accept the payments subsequently issuing out a receipt for that transaction as proof. But first, you must ensure that your payment details are entered for the card to work which is the reason why setting up the NFC correctly does matter in providing successful payments.

Apple Pay works with Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPads and is prevalent across outlets worldwide such as gas stations, stores and others which are spread across the globe in multiple locations. Initially, you have to set up the wallet which involves filling in your credit card details for lighter, more convenient payments.

In comparison, Google play is a product of Google and is used for making payments using the platform without revealing your bank details. However, both require a credit or a debit card to make payments and as such, have to be filled with the correct details before usage.

Both methods that have been described above are a form of making payments and act as wallets for your daily transactions on the web, inside app stores and at physical stores. This way, you can be safe and confident in the knowledge that all your transactions are handled securely and wirelessly to prevent fraudsters from making use of your information thanks to security. call our merchant payment processing company today for more information on Apple Pay vs Google Wallet.

Are NFC Payments really secure ?

Credit card payment processing takes on some different forms such as swiping cards or even tapping the cards to complete a payment. When the two are compared, tapping seems like the most likely candidate as it takes a little time and has lower possibilities of someone losing their card as it will rarely leave their hands or pockets for more than a few seconds. For the payments that come in the form of tapping, the technology that is used therein happens to be NFC which is short for near field communication. By simply tapping the card onto a reader, a prompt comes on the reading device with authorization and other such details hence making payments much smoother and more efficient.

This makes it quite easy to process credit cards that work using the NFC technology, and this is also quite safe both from physical as well as a technological perspective. For instance, the technology requires that the card is in the vicinity for authorization to take place which reduces the likelihood of fraud by people impersonating. You can also handle a lot more transactions using the technology and experience barely any delays, if any, since this happens to be a very secure and also, very powerful means of processing payments. As a merchant, this can be used even in very remote locations and for transit as the processing happens in a matter of seconds.

In conclusion, NFC payments are indeed safe and secure owing to the active technology on which they are based as well as some communication factors that makes it tough to process a payment unless you have the card and a reader that relies on the same technology. Additionally, things such as encryption make it virtually impossible to crack the information held in such cards thus assuring you of safe business merchant processing.