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The First Data FD 130 with FD-35 Pin Pad

First Data FD130 Duo with FD-35 EMV Pin Pad Bundle

$878.00 $798.00

Need a secure, reliable and affordable EMV terminal with Pin Pad combination ? The First Data FD130 Duo Terminal paired with the FD35 PIN pad is a great choice. The Terminal with Pin Pad combo, allows a merchant to accept EMV credit cards and virtually every type of payment available. This FD130 and FD-35 combo allows you to accept PIN based debit payments, signature debit cards, gift cards, EBT cards and all major credit cards at your business. With this affordable combination of EMV terminal and pinpad, customers easily swipe a traditional card through the magnetic card reader, swipe their chip card into the EMV card reader or tap their contactless card all while keeping their card present at all times…

The First Data™ FD130 DUO terminal is low cost all-in-one terminal solution for just about any type of industry.  This First Data FD 130 with FD-35 Pin Pad is compatible with many standard peripherals and is very reliable, durable and secure.. It has a sleek titanium design, delivers EMV credit card processing and uses the latest technologies which provide a safe, secure Internet protocol (IP)/dial-up platform. The FD130 DUO terminal is one of the fastest, most secure credit card machines from First Data available…, Plus !,…this credit card terminal with Pin Pad has easy to follow on-screen prompts that allow for quick setup and Installation in minutes. Integration of the First Data FD130 DUO terminal is super easy as it supports various communication interfaces, and can adapt to most environments and industries.

The Firstdata FD130 terminal allows a merchant to take PIN cards and signature debit cards, credit cards (including Visa,® MasterCard®/Diners Club International,® Discover® and JCB®). Additionally, you can also accept gift cards and checks using TeleCheck® ECA® or paper solutions and accept contactless payments (NFC). This FD130 terminal with matching Pin Pad quickly processes transactions through a dial-up or IP connection. This FD Terminal Pin Pad combination has the latest in PCi protection standards to help protect your customers from identity theft or fraud. Whether you own a retail store, fast food or full service restaurant, bakery, hair salon, barber shop, spa, medical center, liquor store, law office, electronics shop, or anything in between,….this First Data credit card terminal with pin pad package is the best option for you.

FD130 and FD35 Pin Pad Features:
Accepts most available payment options
Includes EMV PINpad FD35
Printer: Integrated, drop-in and accepts 2 1/4″ X 85′ standard thermal paper.
Communication Type:  IP and WiFi with a dial backup
Memory:  32Mb of RAM and 128Mb of Flash
Display:  128 X 32 graphic Liquid Crystal Display
Security: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption

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