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Poynt 5 Terminal


Need to buy Mobile Credit Card Terminal ? The Poynt 5 Terminal is the latest mobile credit card terminal from Poynt that can increase the merchant’s management. This revolutionary wireless terminal is future proof. The Poynt 5 Wireless Terminal includes WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity so merchants can now accept credit card payments from anywhere business happens. Take all forms of payments such as EMV, NFC, Magnetic Stripe, Gift Cards and all types of debit and credit cards. Whats best,… the Poynt 5 Wireless Terminal is about the size of a smartphone. It can be paired with as many other Poynt Smart Terminals as you need to help merchants scale their business.

Increase Efficiency With the Poynt 5 Smart Terminal
Nowadays, most businesses need a mobile, compact and smart credit card terminal. The Poynt 5 wireless terminal is a powerful and modern wireless payment terminal that has truly changed the way merchants accept payments in their business. The new hand held Poynt Terminal will improve the way merchants run their business and improve the customer’s payment experience.

Poynt 5 Wireless Terminal
The Poynt processing equipment is a Smart Payment Terminal. This new mobile payment processing device built for convenience, flexibility and mobility. It is great for on the move merchants that need to take payments on the floor, on the counter top, in the field or wherever clients may be. The Poynt 5 terminal has no limits as it can easily integrate with new or pre-existing Poynt Smart Terminals, Poynt OS, or Poynt HQ. Even though the Poynt 5 Terminal is a small handheld card processing device, it still packs many of the same features and benefits of the larger Poynt POS…. The Poynt 5 is ideal for any retail store as well as for a restaurant, bar, bakery or hotel / lodging.

Important features of this mini wireless terminal:

Wireless Poynt 5 Terminal:  WiFi capabilities now allow for merchants to take payments anywhere the customers may be at. Process payments, tipping and checkout inside or outside.

Take All Forms of Payments:  The Poynt 5 processes all payment types such as EMV, chip cards, magstripe, NFC, gift cards and mobile payments.

Comprehensive Data and Reporting:  This Poynt credit card terminal has a powerful and easy to use web based dashboard that allows for merchants Merchants to monitor sales, refund transactions, settle / batch out and much more.

Data Security:  Poynt 5 Terminal includes the latest in encryption and Safe-T technology to constantly protect all your customers credit card payment data.

POS Bridge: Poynt was designed plug and play into a merchants point of sale system easily. With POS Bridge this is made simple…. POS Bridge coupled with Poynts SDK and Rest API enables Poynt terminals to integrate with existing POS solutions, whether on Windows PCs, tablets or smartphones, and run transactions through Poynt….. Simple and seamless !


The Poynt Smart Terminal comes with built-in compatibility for dozens of peripherals so you can get up and running in minutes.

See the full list of compatible peripherals.



Poynt 5 can easily plug and play into your existing POS and securely creates mobile environments. Whether for one store or one hundred stores, the Poynt5 is a good choice for everyone from retail to restaurants.

Still Have questions ? No worries, our Merchant Services Comany can help you get setup fast….We have sales representatives in Miami Florida, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and all Naionwide to help you get a new merchant account at the lowest rates….Call us for more info regarding Poynt terminal price, Poynt App for PC, web / online reviews, where to buy Poynt terminal, new or used credit card machines, how to lower payment processing rates, or to learn about which Point of sale is compatible with the Poynt 5 Terminal.

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        Compatible Peripherals

        The Poynt 5 Smart Terminal comes with built-in compatibility for dozens of peripherals so you can get up and running in minutes.

        See the full list of compatible peripherals.

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