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Many merchants have asked our payment processing company what is Amex Opt Blue. We will simplify the explanation here…The digital era has come with so many upsides such that the least we can do is to embrace it. Lots of intriguing and up-to-the-nanosecond technologies are coming our way every day. Amex Opt Blue is one of the newest credit card payment processing technologies that make it easier and cheaper for small businesses to accept payments from American Express credit cards. It’s an elite payment processing program that lets you to integrate American Express cards with every other type of card brand linked to your retail merchant account. It is important to know how Amex Opt Blue can affect your business before you make the bold decision to invest in it.

Amex Opt Blue works towards ensuring the cost of accepting payments from American Express cards is minimized. Unlike the traditional Amex program which assigned an automated rate based on your distinct SIC code, Opt Blue allows you to create your preferred AMEX discount rate using a cost-plus pricing model. This means, signup for an Amex Opt Blue will give your business more opportunities to reduce business costs and improve on profits.

Amex Opt Blue Program enables your credit card payment to safely and seamlessly merge your credit card process in one terminal. In short, your merchant payment processing company will be your one-point of contact meaning they are the ones to address all of the problems related to your credit card processing. The credit card processor will be the one to send you full statements of your card processing details.

Amex Opt Blue program aims at ensuring all American express transactions are processed with a day or two. This gives you humble time to reconcile your daily payment processing. It enables you know how far your business has gone every day in terms of sales and profits. The end result of all this will be boosted productivity since you will be in a better position to come up with better strategies that will guarantee more success to your business. Call our payment processing agency today to get lower creditcard payment processing rates for your small business or for more information on the Amex Opt Blue Program.